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With a track record of delivering impactful solutions, our dedicated full-time team brings extensive industry knowledge to every project. We excel in strategic planning and creative problem-solving, ensuring excellence and measurable results. 

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Jake Geller

Co-Founder & Strategy Advisor

Quick Intro

Accountant turned performance marketer turned project manager, Jake is known to push the boundaries of what’s possible in B2B/B2C marketing. His ability to “scale the unscalable” is bar-none (just ask the 50 other people who’ve left testimonials on his LinkedIn). 

Things Jake’s Proud Of  

• Helping Clean Juice open its first location and led their rebrand for 140+ locations
• Scaling Connected Investors from 4 to 60 employees, achieving an $80M+ exit
• Developing go-to-market strategies for 20+ startups, generating $10M+ in revenue
• Boosting 14 creators’ revenues to $4M+ ARR since 2021
• Launching 70+ outbound motions since 2019

• Creative business strategy
• Project management
• Growth hacking

• His Mini-Bernedoodle, Biggie 
• Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu
• Artificial Intelligence
• Ancient Astronauts

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Colin Graham

Co-Founder & Principle Consultant

Quick Intro

Seasoned Growth Consultant from PwC and Shopify, with years of demonstrated success helping B2B companies grow and scale effectively. Colin is motivated by a desire to take Consulting beyond strategy or ‘fluff’ – and create undeniable results that are plain to the naked eye.

Things Colin’s Proud Of 
• Deploying salesforce across 13 countries in 8 months making it the global standard for PwC and earning its own podcast. PwC Launch Hour.
• Managing and deploying the Sales & Marketing tools for a $104Bn e-commerce provider.
• Completing over a dozen successful CRM startup deployments in <1 year.
• Enabling a health-tech startup scale to unicorn status in less than 2 years by implementing dozens of Sales & Marketing automation tools.

• Growth Marketing
• Marketing & Sales Automation
• Go-to-Market Transformation

• Guitar
• Travel
• History
• Effective Altruism
• Game of Thrones



Step 1

ICP Workshop

Define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to target the right audience and focus your marketing efforts effectively.

Step 2

Lead Sourcing

Source high-quality leads using advanced tools, ensuring a steady flow of potential customers for your sales pipeline.

Step 3

Prospect Research

Research potential prospects to gather essential information, enabling tailored outreach and higher conversion rates.

Step 4

Prospect Qualification

Evaluate leads to ensure they meet your criteria, focusing on the most promising prospects.

Step 5

Campaign Design

Create targeted marketing campaigns tailored to engage and convert your ideal audience.

Step 6

Sending Infrastructure

Implement robust systems for cold email and LinkedIn automation to ensure effective outreach and engagement with prospects.

Step 7

Performance Monitoring

Track key metrics to measure the effectiveness of your cold email and LinkedIn automation campaigns.

Step 8

Campaign Reporting

Analyze and report on campaign performance, providing insights on key metrics to measure success and areas for improvement.

Step 9

Campaign Optimization

Continuously refine and optimize campaigns based on performance data to enhance results and maximize effectiveness.
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Thumbstop brings an uncommon ability to capture the vision of the leadership team and bring it to fruition through organization and attention to detail.

Marty Coyne

C-Level Executive - Ci

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Thumbstop's knowledge for SaaS marketing pipelines is bar none. From one hour with Thumbstop, I gained more insight than I had in weeks of research.

Minaz Khajah

Marketing Manager - Tranzynergy

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They have completely changed my mind on the benefits of having true digital marketers on my team.

Brandon Walker

C-Level Executive -

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