Our Work With Atmosphere Digital

When Atmosphere Digital, a top-tier full-stack digital agency from Washington DC, decided it was time to jazz up their marketing game, they called us at Thumbstop Media. Their goal? To switch up their vibe from relying on chit-chat and handshakes to a full-blown outbound marketing groove, all while strutting into the digital marketing scene.

Client Overview:

  • Name: Atmosphere Digital
  • Industry: Digital Agency
  • Location: Washington DC
  • Target Market: Big-shot enterprise corporations
  • Goals: Pump up the lead flow and make some noise in digital marketing

We kicked things off with an ICP workshop, basically a jam session to fine-tune their ideal customer profile. This was the starting point of our grand plan to target companies that needed a digital facelift.

Screenshot 2024 04 01 at 12.02.22 PM
Screenshot 2024 04 01 at 12.02.35 PM
Screenshot 2024 04 01 at 12.02.44 PM

Work Performed:

  1. Lead Enrichment: We used to dive into each prospect’s website, checking out their performance and SEO scores. We were on the lookout for companies that really needed a digital makeover.
  2. Competitor Analysis: We got sneaky with the SpyFu API, gathering intel on the competition to make sure we were targeting the right crowd.
  3. LinkedIn Engagement: We turned LinkedIn into our playground, finding prospects who were active and in tune with Atmosphere Digital’s offerings.
  4. CRM Integration: We made sure all our tools were talking to HubSpot, so we could keep track of our conversations and make sure the interested leads were getting the attention they deserved.
  5. Infrastructure Setup: We set up the whole shebang for cold emailing and LinkedIn outreach, from buying domains to setting up mailboxes and connecting them to our fancy tools.
  6. Documentation Creation: We didn’t just do the work; we wrote the playbook too. We created step-by-step guides and training videos so the Atmosphere Digital team could keep the party going long after we left the building.

The results? In just six weeks, we launched five campaigns, reaching out to nearly 2000 leads and achieving a whopping 24.84% open rate, with 24 leads ready to dance to our tune. We didn’t just hit the right notes; we created a repeatable chart-topping process for Atmosphere Digital’s future gigs.

Screenshot 2024 04 01 at 11.56.38 AM


  • Engagement: Five campaigns, six weeks, nearly 2000 leads.
  • Metrics: A chart-topping 24.84% open rate and 21 qualified responses.
  • Documentation: Over eight in-depth training videos and guides to keep the party going.

Through this collaboration, we didn’t just help Atmosphere Digital switch up their marketing tune; we set the stage for their ongoing success in the digital marketing arena.

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