Our Work With Casper Studios

When Jay Singh from Casper Studios, representing MindStudio, sought to amplify their partnership lead generation, he turned to us at Thumbstop Media. MindStudio, a pioneer in no-code AI products for IT firms, aimed to broaden its horizons in the US market.

Client Overview:

  • Name: Casper Studios (representing MindStudio)
  • Industry: AI Solutions for IT Implementation and Resellers
  • Target Market: IT firms, dev shops, IT resellers in the USA
  • Goals: Generate partnership/channel partner leads, automate LinkedIn prospecting, engage with targeted audience

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Our Work With Casper Studios 8
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Our approach was multifaceted. We launched a LinkedIn campaign within 48 hours, quickly followed by cold email campaigns. We didn’t stop at identifying the ideal customer profile (ICP); we segmented it into micro-campaigns based on LinkedIn activity, ensuring tailored engagement for each group.

Work Performed:

  1. LinkedIn Campaign: Leveraged Jay’s presence for a tailored outreach.
  2. Cold Email Campaigns: Targeted around 900 leads with comprehensive email strategies.
  3. ICP Segmentation: Divided the ICP into micro-campaigns for personalized engagement.
  4. Competitor Analysis: Scraped a list of agencies from Clutch and reverse-engineered them into contacts for a focused campaign.

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Our Work With Casper Studios 11
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Our Work With Casper Studios 13

The results were swift and impactful. Our targeted campaigns quickly generated significant engagement, setting the stage for fruitful partnerships. We streamlined MindStudio’s prospecting process and
established a robust foundation for growth.

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Our Work With Casper Studios 14


  • Engagement: Generated 8 qualified leads from the LinkedIn campaign and 4 additional leads from cold email campaigns.
  • Automation: Enabled Jay to automate his outbound prospecting, targeting the right community profiles for sustained results.

Our collaboration with Casper Studios and MindStudio didn’t just boost their lead generation; it paved the way for ongoing success in the competitive AI product market.

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