Our Work With Orcha Health

Client Overview:

  • Name: ORCHA Medical
  • Industry: Healthcare Technology
  • Location: United Kingdom
  • Target Market: Healthcare providers, health insurance companies, employers with self-insured healthcare plans, digital health suppliers, national health bodies
  • Goals: Maximize ROI from conference attendance, break into the US market, set meetings with high-priority prospects, establish a consistent outbound outreach process
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ORCHA Medical, a healthcare tech powerhouse from the UK, was on a mission to conquer the US market. With the help of Jon Warner, a healthcare tech veteran and advisor on ORCHA’s board, they aimed to leverage their networks and ensure that every dollar spent on conferences like HIMSS and VIVE Health delivered tangible ROI.

Work Performed:

  1. Pre-Event Outreach: Crafted and dripped tailored sequences to prospects 4 weeks and 2 weeks prior to each event, ensuring ORCHA’s presence was felt before the conferences even began.
  2. Event Targeting: Zeroed in on select individuals during the events to encourage booked meetings, making every moment count.
  3. Post-Event Follow-Up: Engaged prospects who were missed during the event with a post-campaign follow-up, leaving no stone unturned.
  4. Cold Outreach Campaign: Launched a targeted email campaign to 300 prospects, expanding ORCHA’s reach beyond the conference halls.
  5. HubSpot Integration: Seamlessly integrated with HubSpot to track campaign success and manage leads efficiently.

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The results were nothing short of spectacular. Our finely tuned campaigns generated a whopping list of 1200 leads, with 80 of them turning into qualified, reply-happy individuals. Plus, our cold outreach side quest to 300 prospects bagged us 16 more qualified leads. All this success was neatly tracked in HubSpot, thanks to our seamless integration efforts.

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  • Engagement: The outreach campaigns generated a robust leads list of about 1200 individuals, with 80 engaging replies from qualified prospects.
  • Qualified Leads: The cold outreach campaign added 16 more qualified leads to ORCHA’s pipeline.
  • Process Establishment: Set up a repeatable process for consistent outbound outreach, ensuring ORCHA Medical’s continued success at conferences and beyond.

With this comprehensive approach, ORCHA Medical not only maximized their conference ROI but also established a solid foundation for ongoing outbound outreach, positioning them as a force to be reckoned with in the US healthcare tech market.

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