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From Marketing Data to Market Domination

DAS is not your typical Enterprise Content Management (ECM) provider. They leverage artificial intelligence to produce high-value business analytics and automation solutions. Because they stand at the nexus of several emerging technologies and highly competitive industries, DAS was eager to elevate their brand. They wanted to affirm their position as innovative thought leaders while engaging their most qualified prospects. To do that, they needed to go beyond their bare-bones website and basic sales pitches.

Thumbstop Media partnered with DAS to refine their approach and power up their brand presence. Through a research-driven, content-heavy, and user-oriented process, Thumbstop Media successfully enabled DAS to attract dozens and nurture dozens of qualified leads. With a cross-channel strategy encompassing a sleek new website, high-value content, and clever LinkedIn and email strategies, Thumbstop Media empowered DAS to land an $80,000 contract, as well as enjoy a 400% ROI on marketing spend and a 300% improvement in LinkedIn outreach.

Convenient Systems Optimized for Growth

In Phase 1 of the project, Thumbstop Media created a new 5-page website for DAS. Our two primary goals were (a) to attract and convert qualified leads with SEO-optimized content and (b) to save DAS valuable time and money in the future by making the website easy to update. However, that was merely the foundation for what DAS truly needed, which was a way to reliably fill their pipeline with marketing qualified leads who regarded them as a thought leader.

So, in Phase 2, we took a page out of DAS’ playbook and started harnessing the power of automation. We developed multiple drip sequences, ad pipelines, and voicemail campaigns, all of which were designed to provide a consistent and highly authoritative brand experience for their prospects. These systems were set up to run with minimal input so that DAS can scale up with the framework we created.

Our innovative funnel and data collection scheme identified 8,000 qualified prospects for DAS, as well as 720 target companies with 40-50 data points per company. This was more than enough to keep DAS’ internal sales team happy for a long while! 

Finally, in Phase 3, we created an 8-email outbound sequence that tied into DAS’ CRM. We connected each recipient to a lead scoring matrix to ensure that only the best prospects would be delivered to DAS’ internal team.

We also provided a fully managed LinkedIn service based on our content strategy, resulting in a 300% growth in DAS’ LinkedIn following and engagement. This significantly boosted their LinkedIn presence and gave them a major advantage in the algorithm — which will allow them to continue successful prospecting via LinkedIn.

Bringing Data and the User Journey Together

As we mentioned, our initial task was to redesign the DAS website. The problem with many B2B websites, especially in these emerging and complex fields, is that it can be a challenge to juggle the core offerings with clear demonstrations of the business’s expertise. But we had a solution: we created topical whitepapers about DAS’ innovative achievements, then placed them as key content pieces on the site. This helped positioned DAS as thought leaders — and boosted the site’s SEO as well!

DAS also knew that while they were an expert in their space, they desperately needed to send a clear message to their audience proving it. Any confusion could lead to tire-kickers and unqualified leads. Plus, it was extremely important to show off their key differentiators from their competitors.

The question was, how could we bridge DAS with its ideal customers? To answer this, we conducted extensive industry research and multiple interviews, then built out detailed buyer personas. This would become the basis of the website design, email pipeline, and overall content strategy. 

We brought in all available data to align the website’s flow and copy with DAS’ target personas. Then, we translated our findings into compelling web copy. 

Overall, we spent a lot of time assessing user intent and mapping out DAS’ target customer’s journey. It was well worth the effort because the website was now primed to attract those MQLs — and complement all of DAS’ outreach on its other channels.

Optimizing Leads with Great Content

Phase 1 focused on creating DAS’ website assets, refining the brand’s tone of voice and overall content strategy, and building web copy and email sequences to nurture their leads. Now, it was time to re-engage current and lost prospects — and ensure that the DAS sales team would receive plenty of MQLs to work with. 

We knew that the best way to attract qualified leads was to deliver content that resonated with them. So, we got to work researching content ideas and themes that aligned with DAS’ core offerings and brand authority. 

With a large mass of our research and DAS’ original data by our side, we crafted several email sequences and LinkedIn ads based on the target personas. At each step of the process, we looked for ways that DAS could demonstrate its thought leadership. It worked: the new content pipeline helped DAS land multiple clients and enhance its reputation as a thought leader in multiple industries. 

Of course, this powerful content would mean little without a careful lead sorting and qualification methodology. We converted DAS’ detailed buyer personas into audience segments, then built the perfect elevator pitch and email sequence for each segment. Our approach worked fantastically: out of 6,000 potential prospects, we delivered 300 MQLs to DAS’ in-house sales team. The cold outreach sequence enjoyed a 2.7% open rate (which is 300-400% above industry average), and DAS also benefitted from a 4% clickthrough rate for the initial sequence and 2.3% for the follow-up. This was truly a testament to the importance of great content, clear branding, and rich data — and how powerful they are when combined!

Wrapping Up

DAS is now well on its way to immense growth without needing to waste time and money on cumbersome, low-ROI outreach and prospecting. The combination of a conversion-optimized website, strong brand message, and content-driven outreach strategy is delivering highly qualified leads right into their pipeline. DAS need only make minimal tweaks to continue these efforts, and their LinkedIn page is now in an excellent position to attract and nurture qualified leads. DAS has landed multiple clients, including one on an $80,000 contract, thanks to Thumbstop Media’s innovative, data-driven, and brand-focused approach.

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